Other: Highland vs Gilbert

This eighth grade year, most of our grizzlies are either going to Highland or Gilbert High School. These kids have many different opinions on which school they are attending. I surveyed two students with their own opinion on which school they would like to attend.


First, Isaiah Maes, a fellow eighth grader, said he is going to Gilbert. The reason Maes is going to this school is because of baseball. Isaiah personally thinks that Gilbert’s baseball team is better than Highland’s. He will also be attending all four years in this wondrous learning environment. This student doesn’t know Highland very well and knows Gilbert more too. He knows more people at Gilbert, such as his siblings/ friends. Isaiah says, “I like the teachers at Gilbert, they explain things very well and teach great!” Isaiah Maes is really excited for the High School life at Gilbert next year!

Next, Jessica Shorts, also an eighth grader, is going to Highland High School. All of her siblings have graduated from Highland or still attend there. One of the reasons Jessica is going to Highland is because of the sports. She thinks Highland’s sports are way better than Gilbert’s. She desires to play on their girls volleyball team because she adores this sport. Most of Ms. Shorts’ friends will also be attending the same school, which she is really excited about. One last reason why Jessica is so stoked to go to this school is because she says it’s a friendly environment with good teachers and includes a habitat with familiar, friendly faces.

Overall, both schools are great! I will be going to Highland because of reasons similar to Jessica’s! Every student has their own choice of which school they are going to attend. Their opinions on why they are going to go there are all very well thought out.


By Claire Pothier

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