First Day Of High School

My stomach was a mess. It was August 2nd, and it was the first day of school. Not just any school – high school. I was sitting in my bed, and I was scared. “Melissa,” my mom called. “Time to get up!” I groaned and slipped out of my bed. My mom grinned at me when I got to the kitchen. I grabbed some cereal and poured it into a bowl. I opened the fridge and found that there was no milk. “Fantastic,” I grumbled, and stalked off to the fridge in the garage and walked back to the kitchen. I ate my breakfast quickly and ran upstairs. I put on a cute striped shirt, ripped jeans, and black Converse. Once I was dressed, I went into the bathroom that my brother Alex and I shared. I then curled my hair. Once I was done with my hair, I did my makeup and brushed my teeth. Finally, I was ready to go. I grabbed my backpack and gave my mom a hug and kiss. I walked out to the garage and got my cruiser out. I put my backpack in the front basket and rode to Gavin High School. The wind whipped my freshly curled hair. I pedaled faster. 7:09, my watch read. I had to be at school at 7:30, and I just left. The bike ride took ten minutes.

Once I got there, I met Madeline Ward at the cafeteria. She was a nice girl who was in my band class last year at my junior high. We didn’t hang out a lot, but she was the only person I knew who was going to my high school. “Hi!” I said to her, “Hey!” she said. I smiled and looked around. “This place is huge,” I said nervously. Madie smiled. “Yeah, but it’s easy to find your classes.” All of a sudden, the bell rang and my stomach did a flip. “Bye!” I said to Madie. “Bye! See you at lunch!” She said back. “Okay, I have to go to Mrs. Oberr’s class,” I muttered to myself. I had to go to room 326.

I checked my watch, 7:33. I had two more minutes before the bell rang! I freaked out and I was on the verge of tears. I frantically ran around. One more minute. Tears streamed down my face. I ran down a hall, praying that it was the right one. 321 – yes! I had run into the right hall! Soon, I was the only person in the halls as I sprinted down to room 326. 30 seconds. I opened the door and slid into my seat right as the bell rang. Mrs. Oberr smiled at me. “Just in time,” she said. I offered a smile back and opened up my social studies book. “Today, class, you will be writing a paragraph about your history,” she began. Soon, lunch came. I hadn’t had much trouble with finding the rest of my classes because Mrs. Oberr helped me to find them. Madie tapped me on the shoulder. “Hi!” she said. “Hey!” I replied. We grabbed a table and chatted about our days. I told her about my dilemma. She gasped. “What? I’m so sorry! I could have helped!” I gave her a grateful smile. “It’s okay,” I said. “It was a learning experience.” I opened my lunch box. “It’s nice that we don’t have to scarf down our lunches anymore,” Madie said happily. “Oh, yeah! I forgot that we have an hour for lunch!” We chatted for a while, and then the bell rang, and I went to my next class with Mr. Ferguson. At the end of the day, I packed up my stuff and grabbed my bike from the bike rack. Once I got home, my mom enveloped me in a bear hug. “How was your day?” She asked. “Fantastic,” I said.

By Macy Taylor

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