Spring Holidays

When the word “spring” is said, what comes to your mind? Pastels? Tulips? Bunnies? These are all spring things, but what are some holidays that are celebrated around the world during spring?

EASTER is probably the most celebrated holiday in America. Easter is the religious holiday that celebrates the rising of Jesus Christ from the cross. On this Sunday, most people wake up and go on an egg hunt. The plastic eggs are filled with candy, money, or treats are hidden.

PASSOVER is a Jewish holiday. Passover is a celebration of freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses and liberation from slavery in Egypt. Jews celebrate by conducting a Seder, a special ceremony where they retell the story of their ancestors liberation, after sundown, the night before the first official day of passover. During the Seder, family members sing traditional holiday songs and read from the Passover’s own story book, the Haggadah.

RAMADAN is a muslim holiday. It is a religious holiday where people of the Islamic religion celebrate the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. To celebrate, they fast for a month to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.

All of these holidays are unique and special in their own way. Even though everyone celebrates different holidays, we are all united in one way – love, kindness, and belief. So whether you celebrate Easter, Passover, or Ramadan, you are still the same. What do YOU celebrate? Leave a comment stating what you celebrate and your favorite tradition about it!

By Macy Taylor

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