Article: Future Technology Ideas

 There are many new technologies that could change the world, and human lifestyle. These are just a few technologies and concepts that could have the most impact.

    Cars are one of the leading causes of death in America. However this could be prevented once self-driving cars become mainstream. The cars would be continuously moving giving space for buildings and other things rather than parking buildings in major cities.  The vehicles would most likely be called by a smartphone app, or you would own one. Cars would communicate with each other so traffic and accidents would be gone, and so would traffic lights.

    Computer innovation has led to the software to run Virtual Reality experiences fast and convincing. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, have all invested in VR making more immersive and affordable. Besides gaming VR could possibly be used for other things too like, connecting people to other VRs to meet friends or other people around the world, and simulating medical procedures for doctors.

    In medicine, computers were mostly used for research or record keeping, but now computer science has helped medicine find many breakthroughs. Powerful software data can now generate massive amounts of data from blood samples giving doctors the ability to detect early cancer. It also can determine the best course of treating a sickness or disease. In the future, technology could also be able to make people control prosthetic limbs.

    The most famous new space company today is SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk. This company has successfully been able to launch rockets into space and make it able to safely reuse them. SpaceX is also trying to colonize Mars sometime during the 2020s or early 30s. Another upcoming space company is Planetary Resources, who are trying to create a new industry of mining minerals such as gold from asteroids. If asteroid mining becomes successful, then the economy could drastically increase leading to more innovation.

    These new developing technologies are sure to change our world in the upcoming decades. What do you think will be invented in the future?


By Tristan Andaya

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