Photojournalism: Oskar: A Holocaust Survivor

Oskar starts off his presentation with talking about education. Education and respect relates a lot to his story throughout the Holocaust.
Oskar talks about his childhood and his family. He speaks about where they moved, how he made friends, and the difficulties of a new country.
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He showed some of the posters and quotes from how the Holocaust affected people, and showed some words of inspiration.
“If you are going to fight, don’t fight with your fists, fight with your words and brain. Think smartly” Oskar’s father said one day when he was having a hard time in school.
Oskar speaks with the classes about the Gestapo and how he met an enemy that he learned to be friends with. That enemy saved him later on and loved his attitude towards people.
He spoke about life in the concentration camps as well and how he was split apart from his mother. Like what her camp was like and how they would be shot if they were to slow down or even just got tired.

By Kaylee Love

Photo Credit: Kaylee Love































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