Review: Fortnite

Fortnite is an amazing game that is free, challenging, and kid appropriate. First of all, Fortnite is an animated battle royale style game with 100 players in each lobby. Battle royale style games are where it is a free for all and you try to be the last survivor by scavenging for weapons and resources. Fortnite is a completely free game to play. This means that you won’t be needing to break your bank account and pay 50 dollars for one single game. Although there is a version of Fortnite that you can pay for, there are hardly any differences between the free and paid version. All you have to do to download the game is first going into the store on your gaming console, search Fortnite, then all you have to do is click install and sit down and wait. The game is available on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Another great aspect about Fortnite is that it is extremely challenging. Trying to be the last one alive is very hard and will leave you wanting to try over and over again. Another reason that Fortnite is so popular is that it is safe for almost all ages to play. Although there are guns and some killing in the game, there is no blood or gore. With no graphic scenes in Fortnite, Epic Games (the company who created Fortnite) claims you will have a better gaming experience. Overall, Fortnite is a great game and really fun to play.

By Carter Catado

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