Review: Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is an extremely profitable chain restaurant that is predominantly known for the chicken fingers. This restaurant has been around since 1966. It is exceedingly loved place and almost always has been. For example, on Cane’s grand opening day, they instantly became popular and had to stay open til 3:30AM.

Today, Raising Cane’s is a go-to restaurant for many people, especially young teenagers. Their menu includes several different combo meals that often consist of chicken fingers, Texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, and their special Cane’s sauce.

Although they were very successful after they opened, the founder, Todd Graves, found it very difficult to to open his restaurant because of the obstacles he ran into. To begin, Mr. Graves received a poor grade on his business plan for college class and his bank loan request was denied. Afterwards, he pushed through and worked exceptionally hard; first, at an oil refinery working 90 hours a week, and then fishing commercially for Sockeye Salmon in Alaska, 20 hours a day! After Todd had acquired a much larger sum of money, he was able to get an SBA loan (Small Business Administration) to start his restaurant. Since, Graves was such an animal lover growing up, he decided to name his restaurant after his dog who was named “Cane.” The very first Raising Cane’s nicknamed, “The Mothership,” was an old building that he renovated along with some of his friends.

Overall, Raising Cane’s is a great new popular place to hangout with your friends. It has come a long way and required much effort from their founder, Todd Graves, and continually becomes more appreciated.

By Tautua Pauga
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