Spotlight: Eden Schwarz

Eden Victoria Schwarz is a 14-year-old 8th grader here at Greenfield Junior High School. She loves to be involved in school and strives to be active. She does school cheer and track, and tumbling outside of school.

Eden is also in orchestra and plays the violin. Her favorite thing about being a part of different sports and clubs is the different people that she gets to meet. She also loves the fact that she gets to stay fit while socially bonding with her teammates.

Not only is Eden involved in many athletic activities, she also is an NJHS member and received a Gilbert Golder Scholar Award with all Honors as a 7th grader. She has always put her priorities straight ever since she was in school and will continue to obtain the highest grades possible throughout her life. This proves how Eden takes her schooling very seriously.

Some of Schwarz’s favorite things to do in her free time (which she rarely has) is to watch 13 Going on 30 and La La Land with her family. She also loves hanging out with friends, especially when there is a planned activity. Her best friend is Emma Walter; they have known each other ever since 1st grade and have had the exact same elementary teachers and same 7th grade schedule. Eden’s favorite color is blue and her favorite homemade food is fettuccine.

All-in-all, Ms. Schwarz is a lovable, kind, and involved student here at Greenfield Junior High School. I would encourage everyone to get to know her! You will not regret it!


By Tautua Pauga

Photo Credits: Tautua Pauga

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