Staff Profile: Mr. Allred

Mr. Allred is one of our beloved 7th grade teachers at Greenfield Junior High. He teaches 7th grade math. His favorite part of teaching is what he calls the “aha moment”, when a student finally figures out how to do the problem correctly. Mr. Allred has been teaching here at Greenfield Junior for the past 17 years! That really is impressive, right?

Mr. Allred graduated from the University of Arizona and received his Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. Mr. Allred loves his job and being able to teach every day.

When he isn’t teaching math, Mr. Allred likes to be at home with his wife. Mr. Allred and his wife used to raise horses, until about three years ago when they sold the horses and stopped raising them. He also really likes Mexican food. He says that he has many different favorite types of music, but his all-time favorite is Classical Rock. He also works at the Gilbert Temple on Fridays after school.

A cool fact about Mr. Allred is that he is a twin. Yeah that’s right, Mr. Allred has a twin brother! They are identical twins, and Mr. Allred says that people always get them mixed up. Mr. Allred is also a third-generation Arizona native, which means his grandparents were Arizona natives. Pretty cool, right?

Mr. Allred’s advice for his students is to never give up and always keep going. He

such a great math teacher, and we are very grateful to have him with us here at Greenfield Junior High!

By Katelyn Kolstad

Photo Credit: Katelyn Kolstad


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