Student Profile: Lukas Miller

Lukas Miller is a seventh grade Honors student at Greenfield Jr High with a A+ average. He came from a school called Sonoma Ranch with many friends with him. Miller’s favorite candy is known as the 100 Grand Bar. Lukas’ favorite sport is golf. He achieves academic excellence by working hard and getting good. If Miller won a million dollars he would feed the homeless. His favorite subject is science, though he loves all his subjects. His favorite day is Friday because you get off to the weekend after it, but he still loves school. Lukas Miller’s favorite season is summer because of the nice weather that allows you to do many outdoor activities that you can do with friends. His favorite Starbucks drink is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. His best friend is Josh Lemon, a seventh grader.  Lukas’ loves a video game know as Fortnite while he also enjoys playing a game called Warframe. A fast food chain know as Raising Cane’s which is a chicken restaurant is his favorite fast food chain. Lukas wants to go to college at ASU to get a degree in engineering. His absolute favorite animal is a sheep, he even named his Youtube account after a sheep. Lukas loves watching baseball, but he says playing outfield looks boring. Miller plays the saxophone and is one of the best saxophone players in band. Lukas claims that his favorite song is Believer by Imagine Dragons.

     I picked Lukas Miller because he’s an exceptional here student here at Greenfield Jr High. He takes all Honors classes except his elective and social studies, has an A+ average, and is always showing school spirit and wears a band shirt every Friday to show it to everyone. He started at an elementary school called Sonoma Ranch and came here this year as a 7th grader. He started the year with many friends and has made many more.

By Garret Chastain

Photo Credits: Garret Chastain


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