7th Grade Female: Daniella Madero

Daniella Madero is a 7th grade student here at Greenfield Junior High. You might also call her Dani. She was on our Grjhs softball team this season. Madero played second baseman.

Dani’s favorite sport to watch is baseball, and her favorite sport to play is softball. This grizzly plays the viola, loves to read and go outside with her friends in her free time. Daniella is an outdoor person, and her hobbies include riding bikes, climbing, and hiking. She said if she could live anywhere in the world, she would probably live in California. If Dani could be a superhero, her power would be to fly. She is an extrovert, and a clean person. Her pet peeves are when people don’t know how to use the right “there”, when people chew with their mouth open, and bad attitudes. Daniella’s favorite childhood memory is the time when she and her best friends sang the Hokey Pokey while going in the pool. This Grizzlies first crush was named Brandon and was from her pre-k class. If she was an animal, she would be a Purple Jay bird, because then she could fly anywhere she wanted and could explore. Daniella says her friends would best describe her as a person that likes to be in control, is very social, and likes to have everything planned. Dani’s best friend Arianna knows her best. She sees herself in 10 years being a Pediatric Doctor. Her favorite teacher on campus is Ms. Dewarrat, because she’s funny, chill, cool, and understanding. She’s not always on your tail about homework and grades, but wants to help out at the same time. Madero’s most dangerous thing she’s ever done is jumped off a roof of a two-story house into a pile of rocks. Her favorite song is Bodak Yellow by Cardi B or Hey Hey Hey by Katy Perry and, her favorite artist is Katy Perry. Dani’s favorite movies are Wall-E and Caroline. Dani’s hero is her parents, her favorite book is the Harry Potter series, and her favorite author is Anne Todd. Lastly, this grizzlies favorite animal is dogs, and her favorite holiday is Christmas.

All-in-all, that is Daniella Madero in a nutshell.

By Ellie Frarer



    1. Dani is one of my best friends and I love her so much. Once you get to know her, you will learn to love her and her personality. Me and Dani have been friends for years and she’s always had my back. Daniella is an amazing person as well as a great, loyal friend. Thank you, Daniella, for always sticking by my side. You are an amazing friend. Love you to pieces, Dani.


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