Short Story: School Thief!

Jordyn, Mr. Carlos, and I walked in the computer lab and all the computers were stolen! Wait a second, let’s start at the beginning. It was a normal school week until on Monday.

“Something has changed”, I told Jordyn.

“Yeah, I agree”, said Jordyn.

“It’s the school banner: it’s missing”, I said.

Jordyn and I went to ask why they took it down; our school’s Fun Run funds had paid for it, and we really liked it. The principal said “We didn’t take it down”.

“Someone must have stole it”, Jordyn said. As we were walking down to the crime scene. Ms. Flour (one of the 7th grade english teachers) said “Someone stole my donuts for the class party!” So then we went and talked to Ms. Flour about what happened. She said “I went to the bathroom, and when I came back they were gone, just like that.” Ms. Flour also mentioned that she locked the door before she left. So either a student stole the keys, or the thief has access to the keys. We also had a theory that the banner thief and the donut thief are the same person or connected somehow. Tuesday, we were still wrapped up about who the thief is. When I got to school there was a big panic about something. Jordyn, Mr. Carlos (the principal), and I walked into the computer lab and all the computers were stolen!  Teachers were interrogating students, and blaming students, teachers questioning other teachers, everyone had turned against one another. I have to find the school thief fast! Jordyn, the principal, and I went to the library to talk about possible suspects. It has to be someone that has access to any door. It’s not a student, because a teacher would notice if their keys were missing.  Also, it has to be someone who stays after school. The janitor, it’s the janitor! Think about it! He has key access, he stays after school to clean, and hates his job. We went to the janitor’s closet and found the missing banner, some donuts, and the computers. Ha, problem solved! The janitor got fired, teachers and students were apologizing for accusing one another, and nothing has been gone missing since the school thief case. Now, I’m just waiting for something mysterious to happen again!

By Ellie Frarer

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