Editorial: A Scribble in the Making

Everyone knows that pencils and pens have separate jobs; however, when asked to write an essay, would you choose the smooth flow of a pen, or the erasable trace of a pencil? I believe that pencils should be used for this situation. if you were to mess up with a pen, you would leave a scribble in the wake. If you mess up with a pencil, you can simply brush away the mistake.

To begin, pens can leak all over undeserving hands, and smear over unwanting surfaces. Pens can run out of ink, break when taken apart, and dry up. However, there are pens that can be erased, ink that doesn’t leak, and pens that do have refillable ink bottles. The revolutionary change of plans from unerasable to erasable was once a trend. Now, I rarely see an erasable pen anywhere around campus or in stores.

So, pens are back to useless; meanwhile, pencils are the way to go! A pencil’s trace is easily erased, it doesn’t leak, and this writing utensil has fairly stable lead. Although pencils don’t leak, they do rub off on people’s hands,leaving a metallic gray colored trace on the owner’s hands. The lead of each pencil is a thin cylinder that is only broken when the sharpening process goes wrong; however, on occasion, the lead breaks no matter how many times you sharpen it. That, admittedly, can get exceedingly frustrating. Some erasers on pencils are as hard as rock, and don’t succeed in removing one mark, typically making a mark of its own.

In conclusion, pens are smooth, can be erased, and look snazzy. However, this technology can break and as a consequence spill ink all over, dry up, and break. Pencils make a type of mark on their own, but they are easily erased and have pretty stable lead.

By Tessa Geigle

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