Know the Rules: Chess

Chess is a very unique sport that requires skill, a bit of mind games, and most importantly, strategy! But before that, you need to know the rules of chess.

First, how to move pieces. Pawn: on the first move you have an option to move it two spaces or one but after that you can only move them once, and to attack, you can only attack diagonally. It also can move backwards. Rook/Castle: this piece can move like a plus. It can move however many spaces forward, backwards or however many spaces left or right. Knight/Horse: the Knight can move like an L, you can move 2 spaces up and 1 over or 1 space up and 2 over in any direction. Bishop: the Bishop can only move diagonally however many spaces, but it can only stay on its original color, like if it’s black it can only move diagonally on the black spaces, and if it’s on the brown spaces it can only move diagonally on the brown spaces. Queen: the Queen is probably the best an most important piece on the board. It can move in any direction up, down, left, right, diagonal, and backwards. Move it wisely because if lost, it will be hard to get it back. The only way to get it back is to get one of your pawns to the other side of the board. When that happens you replace the pawn with any piece that you have lost, and that is your move. King: the main piece of the game. The king can only move one space in any direction. You can’t come within one space of another king because you can just capture your opponent’s king and win. The object of the game is to capture your opponent’s king before your opponent captures yours. Every time you have a piece that can capture your opponent’s king you “Check.” It lets your opponent know that you could win, if he can’t move it to where you can’t capture, it you win. If he can the game continues. The game ends in a draw if both players only have their kings or if one of the players move the same move 50 times or more. Also there are plastic boards and pieces, wooden, glass, and marble. The lowest price of the boards is $11.00 and lower to a whopping 33,000 and maybe higher. The Baccarat Crystal chess set, clear and midnight limited edition. Now you know how to play chess, go buy a board and play.

By Chase Poskey

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