Other: History of Soda

Soda pop’s history goes back many years, ever since natural mineral springs first became popular. Natural mineral springs were thought to have had natural creative powers, as the mineral water had bubbles. In 1767, an englishman by the name of Dr. Joseph Priestley created the first drinkable glass of carbonated water.

  • 1760’s- Carbonation techniques were first developed.

  • 1789- Jacob Schweppe began selling seltzer in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 1789- The term soda water was first coined.

  • 1800- Benjamin Silliman produced carbonated water on a larger scale.

  • 1810- The first U.S. patent was issued for the manufacture of imitation mineral waters.

  • 1819- Samuel Fahnestock patented the soda fountain.

  • 1835- The first soda water was bottled in the U.S.

Many people don’t know when flavorings and sweeteners were first added to seltzers. Flavored syrups from berries and fruit were made in the 1830’s. Different seltzers flavored with cherry, grape, orange, strawberry, and lemon etc. In 1886 J.S. Pemberton used a combination of kola nut from Africa and cocaine from South America to create Coca-Cola.

  • 1881- The first cola flavored beverage was introduced.

  • 1885- Charles Aderton invented Dr. Pepper in Waco, Texas.

  • 1892- William Painter invented the crown bottle cap.

  • 1889- Caleb Bradham invented Pepsi Cola.

There is a lot more history on soda pop and carbonated beverages, and you can go to to learn more. Now you know a little bit of the interesting and very cool history of soda pop and carbonated beverages!

By Chase Poskey

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