Review: I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Sometimes on a rainy day, it is nice to cuddle up with your cat and read a good book. If you are craving a teen romance novel, I have the perfect read for you: I Believe In A Thing Called Love.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love is an interesting book by Maurene Goo. It follows the story of Desi Lee, and her adventure to find true love. Desi’s dad is obsessed with Korean Drama films, and one day, Desi decides to adopt her dad’s obsession as her own love philosophy. She uses the K Drama steps for her crush, Luca. But not everything goes as planned like it does on the dramas.

The thing I like about this book is that it is completely real and relatable. Desi hasn’t had the best of luck with boys, and she is usually too focused with school and college applications to care about her love life. But when cute, charming and artsy Luca enters the scene, she drops everything.

This story is not just about love, however. Unexpected friendships turn up, stressful college interviews, and high school parties all appear in the novel. Desi learns a lot of life lessons in this book, so it will keep you entertained.

If I had to rate this book, I would rate it a ten out of ten. It is super cute, relatable, and just a refreshing read after a hard day. I would definitely recommend this book!

By Macy Taylor

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