Review: Jenga

You may have heard of or played this popular game: Jenga. Jenga is a super fun game that is actually super easy.

The set-up is probably the hardest part of it. There are fifty-four blocks, built in sets of threes, and eighteen blocks high. First, put three blocks together. Put together another three blocks and stack them on top of the other three blocks so that they are opposite to the blocks you already put down. The sides of the blocks should not match up. You must repeat this step until someone takes a block and the tower topples. You can’t use two hands to support the tower so it makes the game even more challenging.

I really like this game because it is super easy to play, and kids of all ages can enjoy it. It’s a super suspenseful and fun game, but the set-up takes a while, which can be a pain if the game is super short. Jenga is cheap, so lots of people can afford it, too.

If you want to upgrade, you can get Jenga – but bigger. My cousins have it, and it’s super cool! The only downside: it might fall on you! This has happened to me plenty of times. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s certainly not pleasant! Whether you want regular or big Jenga, you will make the right decision!

By Macy Taylor

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