Short Story: Orbis

All at once, the world was on my shoulders and all I could do was wait.

Hi. I’m Orbis, goddess of the wind, or I used to be. My father is Kronos, the guy in Tartarus. He still is in pieces after Zeus, well, let me get on with the point. Everybody says Zeus had two brothers: Poseidon and Hades, and three sisters: Hestia, Demeter, and Hera. What people don’t know is that Zeus had another sister, me. Nobody thought I was important until Zeus almost died! Yeah! He almost died! Guess who was there to save him, me, his sister that was suspiciously blown out of the history books along with her accomplishments. I was a very naive older sis, who adored her younger brother, and thought he was an angel. You can imagine how appalled I was when I heard what he had become. Zeus had turned into a selfish shellfish (a joke I learned from Poseidon). I was traveling the universe when my siblings were swallowed by my greedy old dad. I have never felt more rage. I raced back to my home, and questioned my child-drunk dad. While Kronos was yawning, I shoved my hand into his mouth and grabbed my poor little siblings.

After that, my win did all the rest of the work. The Tartarus was made, Kronos was cut up, and the Tartarus was biggest no longer. My snotty little brother claimed he could have done all of that himself, and scared every one of my siblings into saying that he did it, except me. That’s when disaster arose. A great and mighty beast arose that none of us knew Kronos had. His scream of blood and revenge froze me and my siblings. Zeus wanted to receive my approval, so he tried to fight the beast, but was taken down easily. The Beast was about to pop off poor Zeus’s head. That is the only way to kill a god, to pop off his or her head.The monster was about to do just that, but I revived him with the Winds of life, and gave him energy. Zeus would have died if I hadn’t blown the monster down with my wind, or if I hadn’t revived him however, my siblings have only looked at Zeus the whole time, so they didn’t notice me helping him the whole time. They, of course, didn’t believe me when I told them that I was helping Zeus, so they decided to cast me away. Oh they tried all sorts of dumb tactics to get rid of me. Poseidon tried to lock me in his underwater cage. That didn’t work, I broke out easy. Hera try to persuade me, but I knew all of her tricks. Finally, Zeus locks me in a lightning bolt in cage and was guarded by flying horses. I cooked the horses with the smell of grass away from me, and I blew the cage of lightning bolts into a cloud. Then I realized it was all a trick. Zeus knew that I would try to escape, and he knew I would succeed. After I took one step, excruciating pain wrenched my back and I realized I had the world on my back.The world was now my responsibility, and I couldn’t leave according to Greek law.

All at once, the world was on my shoulders and all I could do was wait.

By Tessa Geigle

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