Profile: Jack Mason

Jack Mason is an eighth grader honors student at Greenfield Junior High School, with mostly A+ grades. He takes honors classes to get ready for highschool and college as well. The honor classes that he takes are math and science. His favorite class is science because he said “you do more activities in class than other classes.” He has three sisters which he says are very annoying to deal with, but he gets by. Jack  loves to play baseball. In fact, he made the school baseball team! He plays shortstop and sometimes plays pitcher too. He enjoys watching this sport as much as he enjoys playing it. His favorite baseball team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. Another sport he likes to do during summer is to go swimming. He isn’t a competitive swimmer, but he likes to do that in is free time during summer. During the year, Jack’s favorite season is summer because he hangs with his friends a lot, swims, and he goes to Ohio with his family.  His favorite restaurant that he likes to go to with his family is Outback Steakhouse. He loves to get steak with a side of mac and cheese. Jack also likes to play video games too. His favorite game to play is Fortnite Battle Royal and Call of Duty World War Two. Other games he likes to play are chess and monopoly. Jack Mason is a great kid to hang out with. He gets exceptional grades at our school. He plays a lot of sports, especially baseball.

By Zack Mumman

Photo Credits: Zack Mumman

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