Review: AirPods

Have you been looking for a new way to listen to your favorite music? If so, look no further because I have the electronic device for you! The Apple AirPods are bluetooth, wireless earbuds that are great for any occasion. These occasions include running and overall exercising in general. With the AirPods, there are endless possibilities.

These outstanding pieces of tech come in handy when on the go. Whilst in the car or on the bus, you can jam out to your favorite music. You won’t even have to worry about the battery life when on the go because the battery life for these last up to 24 hours. Also, they are small and easily accessible, so the pods are perfect for travel. Furthermore, these are very comfortable while in the ear too. Once again, if you want new earbuds then I highly recommend these.

The AirPods are a big hit around campus. There are a plethora of Grizzlies here that own them. One of them happens to be Price Shelley, an eighth grader that stated, “I absolutely love them! They have a great bass and sound as well. Another reason why I enjoy these is because of the fact that they are super convenient.” In addition to Price’s review, another student here owns AirPods, and he goes by the name of Logan Brewer. Logan, another eighth grader stated, “The AirPods are really nice because they don’t have a cord hanging down from them. Plus, the sound quality is stunning and for its small, compact size.” If you don’t believe me, then believe these other students!

Now that we are nearing the end of our voyage, here are some basic specs. For starters, the case that the pods come in is also used as a stylish, compact charger for them! Considering the fact that they are $159.99, the setup process for the pods is super simple. A great pro to these is that even if they are in the sleek white charging case for only 15 minutes, you can still get 3 hours of listening time. With the way that the pods are built, they will not fall out of your ear easily as well. Lastly, one of the AirPods coolest capabilities is that if you take one AirPod out, the music pauses, and when you put them back in it resumes. Plus, when you put them on you will hear a chime to signify that they’re on, and to turn them off you simply just put them back. You have to admit it, that is really sick!

With the AirPods, the possibilities are endless. Can you believe how advanced these are? Between the comfortability level of them, the way that they stay in your ear perfectly, and the tech specs, what is not to love? After reading this, you better make the choice to invest in Apple’s all around amazing AirPods. If you are definitely interested in these, let me know and leave a comment down below. I look forward to seeing what Grizzlies either already have these or are going to snatch them right off of Apple’s shelves.


By Aidan Maes

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