Drew Abat is an extremely nice and caring girl. She is a new eighth grader at this cool school. She used to live in the city of Los Angeles where she attended Perry Middle School. During her time in LA she learned to appreciate the lifestyle there. She moved to Arizona last year and went to Poston Junior High for the first part of the year. Now that she has moved to Greenfield, she loves it!

Drew is 13 years old and will turn 14 on July 31st. She has a 3 year old brother who she absolutely adores. Abat also plays volleyball and is really talented at it! She played on the varsity team back at her old school earlier this school year. She started this sport in third grade and loves it. Her favorite restaurants are either Chick-fil-A or McDonald’s. She craves these fast food chain restaurants because they have “bomb food” according to Drew. Another thing Abat enjoys is Christmas. She loves the thrill of opening presents on  Christmas morning and spending long periods of time with her wonderful family. Some of Drew’s dreams are to be a dentist like her dad, be a supermodel, and live in the fabulous Hollywood. The one place she has always wanted to visit is Paris, France. Last, but definitely not least, her favorite colors include black, white, green, and dark blue!

Drew Abat is an amazing eighth grader at this school. She would definitely bring a bright big smile to your face. After reading this, I hope you can go meet this lovely girl. She is a great friend and overall fantastic!


By Claire Pothier


Photo Credits: Claire Pothier

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