Were the Winter Olympics Exciting?

A couple of people were excited about the Winter Olympics this year, but some weren’t at all. So, were the Winter Olympics exciting this year, or were they boring?

This Winter Olympics was held in PyeongChang County, South Korea. This was the first year that South Korea held the Winter Olympics. A couple of cool things that happened during the Olympics is that our own Men’s Curling team won against Sweden for the gold medal. That’s the first time Americas Men Curling team has won in the Olympics. On February 22nd, Chinese short track speed skater, Wu Bajing, broke the world record for the fastest time around the track twice!

Some people didn’t care about the Winter Olympics, even though more people watched the 2018 Winter Olympics than the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Not a lot of people talked about the Winter Olympics. Less people watch the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics. The reason why people watched the Summer Olympics is because there are more events held, more people attend the Summer Olympics and they find it more intense. The Winter Olympics aren’t going to be better either, less and less countries are bidding to have the Winter Olympics in their country. The reason being for this is because it is too expensive and they never use the stadiums they built again.

Most people do find the Winter Olympics appealing and fun. Others might not but they should open up to watching the Olympics. The more you watch the Winter Olympics, the more you will like it.

By Zack Mumman

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