Careers for Kids: Yard Work

Do you need some extra cash to get a new game console, a new bike, or even a pet? A great way to save up for your reward is yard work.

To get started, ask your neighbors, friends, or even family if they need yard work done. You can charge $15-$30 for mowing a medium sized lawn and for a bigger yard you can charge $50-$75. Maybe more if you do the back yard too.


  • Be kind to the owners

  • Clean up the yard when finished

  • Mow the lawn neatly

  • Make sure you actually work and don’t just sit there and do nothing.

Lawn mowing is not the only yard work that needs to be done. Homeowners may also need help with raking leaves, or planting flowers. It just depends on the season.

Safety Tips;

  • Wear sunscreen

  • Stay hydrated

  • Have gloves

  • Protect your eyes with goggles if needed

  • Wear clothing for the appropriate weather

Yard work will be good exercise and it may tire you out. You can do it for people who can’t do theirs or who are on vacation. Even better, do it as a gift for someone’s birthday or just out of kindness and respect. The owner would be very thankful. Now you know a cool job to make some extra money, and to get out of the house to get exercise, and most importantly, makes someone’s day by doing their yard work for them. Now go ask a neighbor to do their yard work and have some fun!

By Chase Poskey

Photo Credit: Little Vintage Cottage

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