He Said/She Said: The Universal Language

There is a total of 7,106 languages in the world. Is there one that should be spoken everywhere? Let’s see what He Said/She Said about what the universal language should be.

Bradley Trillo (7th) – “French because not a lot of people use it.”
Jaiedyn Rankin (7th) – “English because I think it’s the easiest to understand, and there’s a lot of ways to speak it.
Chad Bloomfield (8th) – “Spanish, because hispanic accents are cool!”
Alivia Jones (8th) – “Spanish, ‘cause I’m bad at English.” 
mr conway
Mr. Conway – “Music, because music just makes you move. It transcends words and thoughts, it’s like a physical thing that makes you move!” 


spanish teachr
Ms. Deltenre – “Love should be the universal language.”

Spanish seems to be the most common answer, at least for the Grizzlies here. 437 million people in the world speak Spanish. However, there are so many different ways to express yourself, without using a language.



By Rebecca Wood

Photo Credits: Rebecca Wood

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