Other Article: April Fools

It has become an informal tradition to prank our friends and family every first of April. There are multiple theories on how this pranking custom came about, but no one knows for sure.

According to, the Julian calendar (created by Julius Caesar) listed March 25th as the start of the new year. Since this day was during Holy Week, the week before Easter, the New Year celebrations fell on April first. In the 1500s, the Gregorian calendar was adopted and the New Year was moved to January 1st. Most people believe that April Fools came about because neighbors would drop in on April first in the hopes of tricking their friends into thinking it was the new year. Though this is the most widely accepted theory, there are many others. also lists multiple things to say on April fools, for example, saying April “gowk” (cuckoo in Scottish) instead of “April Fools!”. In England, a prank is called a gob, gawby, or gobby. In France, the person on the receiving end of the prank is known as “poisson d’avril”, which is an April fish, or a young fish easily caught.

But who cares about that other stuff, when you can watch your friends’ faces as they eat a mayonnaise-filled donut! Try out these 5 pranks from the next time an opportunity presents itself, maybe the first of April!
1. Thirsty? Open your refrigerator and see what color juice you have. Fill a cup with that same color gelatin after dinner, and place it in the fridge. In the morning, offer the firm drink to a sibling and enjoy their reaction as they try to drink it!

2. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Make sure to place the non-functioning soap where you found it!

3. Grab a couple of apple-sized onions and dip them in melted caramel. Mmm, delicious caramel…onions?

4. Using a sewing needle, poke holes into a filled, plastic water bottle. Wipe it and set it down on the counter gently. When someone goes to pick it up, make sure you’re not in the splash zone!

5. Want a good prank for a party or hangout? Try opening a snack bag from the bottom, replacing the chips, cookies, or other contents with a different handful of goodies, and tape the bag closed again!

After witnessing an amusing episode or hilarious prank, educate your “poisson d’avril” on the origins of April Fools. Comment below on your successful, joke-filled day!


By Rebecca Wood

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