Other: D-Backs Spring Training

As many of us know, the next upcoming sport in the year is Major League Baseball. Right now, spring training is going on and all of the teams are testing out their new players that they have just drafted. So how are the D-Backs, Arizona’s team, doing so far?

First of all, the Diamondbacks currently have a spring training record of 12-12, meaning that the D-Backs have won 12 games and lost 12 games. In baseball, there are two different main professional leagues, the National league and the American league. Each league contains a total of 15 teams. The Diamondbacks happen to be in the National league. They are currently tied for the sixth best team in the National League tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Although, during the draft, Arizona lost a couple of good players such as one of the D-Backs 2017 stars,  J.D. Martinez he unfortunately left the D-Backs due to free agency, however the team is still looking to have a very dependable starting lineup. This season, they still have several of their star players such as Paul Goldschmidt and Zack Greinke. The D-Backs have several good players for all aspects of the game; fielding, hitting, and running

Overall, the D-backs seem to be shaping up to have a pretty good run in the regular season. The regular season begins on Thursday, March 29th and they are going to start their season off on a good note by beating the Rockies.

By Carter Catado

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