Sports Article: 8th Grade Boys Baseball

Here at Greenfield Jr. High School, we are incredibly lucky to have a wide variety of sports and amazing athletes. Our Grizzly 8th grade baseball team is one of the many sports we have in the Spring season. This team includes Colton Burton, Carter Catado, Collin Frarer, Anthony Gatrell-Rubio, Drake Khamis, Ryan Norris, Casey Nuzman, AJ Riggs, Matt Shorts, Wyatt Wright, Brock Flahart, Luke Dotson, Drew Goodman, Jack Mason and Ivan Kastner. Out of the 15 players on the team I have interviewed a few.


First off, I interviewed Brock Flahart. He has been playing baseball for 12 years. He started tee ball when he was only two years old! Flahart’s favorite position is left field because that is where all the action is at. Brock was also on the 7th grade baseball team last year and played at left field and 2nd base. He likes playing baseball because “It’s fun and enjoyable with your friends, meeting new people, and making new friendships.” Flahart thinks the biggest challenge for their team is to get over their mistakes and move forward in the game.


I also interviewed Luke Dotson. Luke has been playing the game for the five years and he plays in center field. He plays baseball because he says it is fun and there is good competition. When Dotson was asked the question, “What is the hardest thing about the game of baseball?” He said pitching because there is a lot of pressure on you.


Although the season has not started, we can tell that our 8th grade boys will do great this year. We look forward to seeing you play this season!

By Jordan Eulate
Photo Credit: NewsDakota

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