Staff Profile: Ms. Ortiz

Ms.Samantha Ortiz is a well loved, caring, and interesting teacher here at Greenfield Junior High School. She is loved by all her students and anyone who meets her. Miss Ortiz has been teaching here at Greenfield for three years now. It was her first teaching job, believe it or not!  Let’s find out more about this wonderful teacher.

As stated above, Ms.Ortiz has been teaching for 3 years, all here at Greenfield Junior High School. She loves working here because it is never boring and every day is different. Samantha teaches the Spice 2 class and also heads the S.H.O Club. She does a phenomenal job at both. Ortiz received her  degree in Special Education from ASU. She is currently working on her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. Since Ortiz is working on school, she doesn’t have a lot of free time to read, so her favorite books are the ones she reads for school. Ortiz is also bilingual. She speaks English and Spanish And once knew ASL but has since lost it. Some of her favorite things are the color purple, pugs, and Chipotle. She also loves In-N-Out, yoga, and shopping. when asked what she would do for a day if money wasn’t an object, Miss Ortiz said, she would do yoga, shop, and travel Europe. Her favorite place to go for a vacation is Orlando, Florida, specifically Disney World. Ortiz’s favorite Disney princess is Ariel and her favorite movie is “A Walk to Remember.” She said she isn’t the biggest fan of sappy chick flicks but she loves that one. Samantha also loves super cheesy puns and they always make her laugh. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. She said her family seems to be closer at this time. If Ms.Ortiz had superpowers she would want to have the power to fly. Some interesting facts about Ms.Ortiz is that she has 4 magnificent nieces and nephews. When given the choice between bicycles and automobiles, Ortiz prefers her car. Surprisingly she has never learned how to ride a bike! Samantha loves to play volleyball and watch football on TV. Ms. Ortiz’s favorite quote is, “You can not stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

All in all, Ms.Ortiz is an amazing teacher here at Greenfield Junior High School. We love having her and I hope everyone will get a chance to meet her!

By Jenna Westenskow
Photo Credit: Jenna Westenskow

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