Teacher vs. Student: Soup or Salad?

Soup or salad? When going at out to eat at a dine-in restaurant this question is almost always asked, and what do you say? Do you go for the more hearty option or the healthier side? All options are great in my opinion, but for me it depends on what mood I’m in. If it’s a cold, wintry day and I want my spirits to be lifted then I would definitely choose the soup. If it’s a normal mild day and the restaurant has good salad options then I would probably get the salad.

I thought that students and teachers would have varied opinions on this topic but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I asked for students and teachers and heard what they have to say.

Elle Pullin, an eighth grade female here at Greenfield said, “ I would definitely choose salad. It is more refreshing and a salad has much more flavors.”  I completely agree with Elle’s reasoning. There are so many types of salads and each are refreshing and delicious in their own way.

Ms. Hammond, and 8th grade English teacher,  also agrees with Elle. When asked the same question, Ms. Hammond said, “I would choose salad because I enjoy eating salad with oil and vinegar. I prefer salad over soup.” Even though I don’t completely agree with Ms. Hammond, her and Elle seem to have the same opinions.

Lincoln Nielsen, a 7th grade boy, also agrees with them. He said,”Salad, because there are not a lot of soup that I enjoyed to eat”. I am also very picky about the types of soups I like. And still students and teachers are agreeing about what to choose when asked soup or Salad. I asked Mr lopat, the assistant principal, as my final opinion. He said,” it depends on the type of soup but I would usually choose salad.”  I completely agree with him but if they’re offering chicken noodle soup I would get that, but if not then probably salad.

Well it seems that you’re at Greenfield Junior High, students and teachers can agree!  Everyone I asked that they would choose salad over soup. What would you choose: soup, salad, both, or neither? Leave your choice below! Thank you for reading!

By Jenna Westenskow

Photo Credit: Simply Recipes

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