World Behind the Bookshelf: Volume 2

The low voice again saying, ” I see you found the entrance to my world.”

With my heart beating fast and voice shaking I asked, “And that is the World Behind the bookshelf, right?”

“Yes. Now would you like to come in?”

Hesitantly  I said, “Possibly. But I can’t trust you. I can’t see you.”

Darkness. Pitch-black emptiness was all I could see. That’s all there was to see. I heard the scraping of the bookshelf as it slid back into place, closing off my only known entrance to the outside world. With his voice booming Ronan exclaimed, “Welcome! We are overjoyed that you decided to enter! It’s not often that we get visitors.”

“What does that mean? Why don’t more people come?” I asked with a sinking feeling in my stomach.

“What do you think? It’s nearly impossible to get here Mia! I just knew that you would find the entrance though,” Ronan said.

“Why is that, Ronan? Wait, how did you know my name? What-”

“Oh Mia! Why all these questions?”

“Ronan! I can’t even see you! I am allowed to ask a few questions! Now how do you know my name?’ I said, with my voice trembling. I waited in silence until all of a sudden the darkness broke and a tall, handsome man approached me.

“Hi Mia. I am Ronan II. I am the headguards man for my world, the World Behind the Bookshelf. We are pleased that you have come,” Ronan said calmly, looking me directly in the eyes.

“You never answered my question. How do you know my name? I haven’t said it once,” I demanded.

“Mia, Mia, Mia. People have foretold your coming for ages. You are to be our hero. A desperately needed one. Now does that answer your question, Mia?”

“A hero? What makes you think I am the Mia they speak of in these ‘prophecies’? I mean look at me!” I spoke as my whole body began to shake.

“Mia. The prophecies speak of a young female outsider, that will come to our world. You are the first outside that has ever found our world.”

“Oh.” Minutes went by before Ronan spoke again.

“Will you accept your destiny and save our world? We desperately need you.” Not knowing what came over me, I accepted.

“I will be your hero. I accept my destiny!”

By Jenna Westenskow

Photo Credit: HD Wallpapers Blog

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