Lake Anjikuni

Numerous amounts of mysterious mass disappearances have occurred all across the globe. But the most famous incident in North American history is the Anjikuni mystery, also know as Village of the Dead.

Lake Anjikuni was a village that mysteriously vanished in 1930, and there was no sign that they were ever there once it vanished. People reported ghost sightings and mysterious sounds where the village used to be. No one really knows what happened to the village. Some people have some theories that an alien spaceship just came in and took the whole village. Maybe a government laser from space accidentally fired and shot the village, and they tried to clean it up. Who knows what really happened?

“The fate of the citizens of Roanoke Colony, who were last seen alive in 1587, but an even more inexplicable case concerns the whereabouts of the over 30 men, women, and children who allegedly vanished without a trace from an Inuit fishing village in the first half of the 20th Century,” Mysterious Unverious stated. “The trout and pike filled estuary known as Anjikuni Lake (also spelled Angikuni) is located along the Kazan River in the remote Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, Canada. The out-of-the-way area is rich with legends of malicious wood spirits and beasts like the Wendigo, but as fascinating as these  are, there is none more intriguing than the terrifying and controversial mystery surrounding the collective vanishing of the villages who once lived on the story coast of Anjikuni’s frigid waters”, also stated by “ Mysterious Universe.

Lake Anjikuni has left all confused. Whether it was aliens or the government that had to deal with its mass disappearance.


By Ellie Frarer


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