Profile: Charlotte Hamilton

Do you need someone to trust or just an amazing friend? Then Charlotte Hamilton is the perfect friend. Charlotte started elementary at Patterson Elementary School and is now an eighth grader here at Greenfield. She is also a backspot on the cheerleading team and is one of the best. Her stunt group has Lily Deboliac as a Flyer, Vivica Madanski as a Main base, and Addie Wallace as a Secondary base. She also was a cheerleader in seventh grade as a winter cheerleader and loved it.

Charlotte has done dance and a little bit of gymnastics to help her out with cheerleading. Her favorite thing about cheer is the games because they are fun. She also likes meeting new people during cheer. She believes it is fun because she likes being with her team. Cheer is not difficult to her because of the dance and Gymnastics classes. Her coaches are Ms. Bray and Ms. D. When she has freetime, she loves hanging out with her friends. She choose cheer as a sport because she likes new teams, she just loves cheer in general, and she loves the work out and challenges.

Charlotte is an amazing cheerleader and an outstanding friend. She has currently joined spring cheer and loves it. Her teammates love her and she will do anything to cheer them up. She has an amazing personality and is so kind to everyone including her friends and family. Charlotte respects everyone and is an amazing student here at Greenfield Junior High.

By Kaylee Love

Photo Credits: Kaylee Love

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