Editorial: Cell Phones

Phones are one of the most popular things in the 21th century. Many teens bring their phones to school, and most of them use their phones during class. Should we be allowed to use our phones during class?

Phones distract students from learning, but can also help with learning by using it as a calculator. Ms.Dietz allows her students to listen to music as well as calculators with permission, but otherwise she says no to phones in class. Some students have a few words to say whether phones should now be used in class since we have Chromebooks. Alexis Gould says, “Phones should only be used in an emergency in class, now that we have Chromebooks.” Sean Lang-Weyenberg says “If your parents say yes to using it during school then it should be fine, because you and your parents paid for the phone.” Lastly, Kenadee Colbert says “Maybe you shouldn’t use your phone in class, but at lunch, outside of class, and during passing periods.” She agrees with Alexis that you should be able to use your phone during an emergency to contact a family member, or otherwise. Kenadee also states, “Chromebooks should replace phones during school.” The students state very good opinions whether Chromebooks should replace phones during school.

Other countries have students put their phones in a box before class, so they can’t access it during classrooms. That’s a great idea because some students in my class play on their phone while the teacher isn’t looking. This can lead the students to not learn anything and they may get bad grades.

So out of all the statements I think it has come clear that Chromebooks should replace phones during school.


By Ellie Frarer


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