Know the Rules: World Edition

 Have you ever wanted to travel the world but you don’t know what you could be detained or even jailed for? Here are some laws you probably didn’t know. Did you know that in Singapore you are not allowed to chew gum because it gets everywhere and it’s just a mess. In Venice Italy it is illegal to to be a human bird perch, doing this will come with a fine of $700. If you want to go sightseeing in Greece then leave behind your high heels because they may damage statues and other monuments and you  doing this will come with a fine. If you want to go swimming in Portugal, make sure you go to the bathroom first because if you go to the bathroom in the ocean you could be charged a fine, it is not known if anyone actually has been caught though. In Georgia don’t let your chickens cross the road or doing this will come with a fine. If you want to own goldfish in Switzerland you will not be able to find one being sold by itself because it’s deemed cruel to leave a social animal by itself. Have you ever felt like reincarnating in China? Well you can’t without the government’s permission because this is limited to monks. If you’re ever in South Korea remember video games can’t be played past midnight. This however only applies to children. If you’re venturing to Russia, your car must be squeaky clean or get a fine of thirty rubles, but this only happens when a police officer wants some lunch money. In Brazil it’s illegal to wear a helmet indoors making it easier for facial recognition of bikers. In Germany you better not play your piano after midnight. If you’re traveling the world you should check the laws of your destination because there can be some strange situations.

By Garret Chastain

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