SPOTLIGHT: Andrew Catchpole

Andrew Nathan Catchpole is an intelligent, funny, and athletic student here at Greenfield Junior High School. He is a 13 year old seventh grader who recently moved from Tennessee because his dad was offered a better job here. Catchpole has three siblings and is exceeding glad that he moved to Greenfield because of the amazing teachers.

One of Andrew’s main interests is sports. He loves almost all sports and especially enjoys watching basketball and football with his family. Catchpole also really enjoys watching the Golden State Warriors because they are his favorite team. However, Andrew’s favorite sport to play is tennis. Catchpole is also skilled at soccer and was once invited to Scotland to play! Once at a basketball game he was able to obtain autographs from the entire Kentucky’s Men Team along with their coach’s signature!

Andrews favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory and his favorite color is orange. He enjoys going on vacation to Universal Studios in Florida. His life motto is a scripture from the bible: Through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things.” 1 Corinthians 4:13.

Not only has Andrew been exceptionally involved in sports, but he also makes sure that his schoolwork is done to the best of his ability. He believes that education should always be prioritized first and he strives to live up to that standard.

All in all, Andrew Catchpole is an amazing student here who loves being active and keeping his education first.


By Tautua Pauga

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