Profile: Kobe Johnson-Anderson

IMG_1834 (1)Do you want an amazing, funny, and outgoing friend? Then you may want to meet Kobe Johnson-Anderson. Kobe is an eighth grade weirdo who can cheer you up in seconds. He loves all of his friends and his family. Speaking of which, his main role models are his parents, and he believes that his dad knows him best. Kobe has wanted to be an Anesthesiologist most of his life which is basically just a doctor that was trained as a physician who gives patients anesthesia in preoperative surgery. Also, his best self-trait is being able to talk to people easily.

Kobe has alot of likes but also has his dislikes. He loves Lions because they stick together, they are helpful, and they don’t leave each other behind. He loves science with Mrs. Heckel and is attending Highland High School next year. Also, he loves Thanksgiving because he loves being with his family and the delicious food which leads to the next two topics. He loves Olive Garden and he likes spaghetti and shrimp as well. Kobe has two pets which are both dogs. The first is a girl names Zonah and the other is a boy name Max. He loves the song Malfunction by Lil’ Uzi Vert and his favorite movie is the Avengers. He has 3 pet peeves. One is stepping on his shoes which is “disrespect”, the next is unzipping his backpack, and the last is when people stare at him when he eats, but if he catches them, then he stares right back. His favorite game is called Fortnite, his favorite place to go is the Bahamas on a cruise ship. Some of his hobbies are basketball, football, and hanging with his friends at places like crazy air, jump street, KTR, and the Santan Mall.

Kobe loves 8th grade this year because you get to meet new friends, the teachers were amazing and in most classes he could eat or chew gum. He has played basketball since he was 9 as well. If Kobe could go back in time and change one thing, it would be the time that he left his baby brother on the top bunk. “We were throwing stuffed animals up and down at each other and all of a sudden, I see this big stuffed animal fall from the top of the bunk and realized that it was my brother and I started to freak out.” This happened when his brother was 4 and he cracked his skull open. Good job, Kobe. Lastly, the best day of his life was when he went to California. He went everywhere including the beach, Legoland, Disneyland, and Seaworld. Kobe is amazing person and an even better friend. Go get yourself a friend like Kobe.


By Kaylee Love

Photo Credits: Kaylee Love

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