Teacher vs. Student: Bullying

Do we have a problem with bullying at Greenfield Junior High? Have you seen it? Many people could be seeing it or doing it without realizing it. Most of students joke around but some take it too far and don’t realize that they are actually hurting students’ feelings. When a person is bullying another, it could be because that person has something wrong in their life, or does it just because they want attention. They may also do it because he or she lacks attention from a parent at home and knows that they can get it by bullying Some other reasons would be that a child’s parents are divorced, neglected children, or if their parents are under the regular influence of drugs or alcohol. Another reason could be that older siblings pick on the younger one to feel more powerful than the other. 1 in 3 students at schools say that they’ve been bullied, minor or major. I interviewed some students here at Greenfield and asked the question, “Do you believe we have too much bullying at the school?” Here’s what they said.

Mrs. McMahan, a STEM and AVID teacher for 8th grade said, “Bullying isn’t really a problem, in my opinion. There are incidents. The teachers, if they hear about a small problem, they do handle it. Even if they see it, then they will say something about it. Also, we have GSC classes that prevent most bullying or encourages kids to speak up if they hear, see, or are the ones being bullied.” It is true that we have GSC classes that talk about bullying and if they see or hear something, the teachers do speak up. Mrs. Bray, a 7th and 8th grade Art teacher said: “Yes, many students will come up and talk to me and if there are any problems in class, I normally deal with them. I also encourage people to talk to the counselor inside or outside of school.” Now you know that you have someone that you can trust, especially a teacher. Julia Myers, an 8th grader here at Greenfield said “Yes, certain people exclude others from their group. Most likely because the group believes that that one person doesn’t belong.” There is a lot of this going on at our school, so if you are being left out, then you need to speak up. The last person I interviewed was Abel Arietta and he said, “No I just don’t really see it happening. It may happen to other people around the school but, not to me.” I agree with Abel. Not many people speak up or see it so they don’t say anything.

In addition, there are ways you can prevent bullying, whether they’re major or minor problems. Bullying can start out small like calling people names without joking and leaving people out to cyberbullying and physical abuse. Don’t be afraid to tell an adult! If you say something, you are helping, not hurting, and your not being a tattle-tale. You can stand up to the bully, help the person being bullied, or if you have been bullied before, then just be there for the other person. When someone is being bullied, it can hurt them and may cause depression. If you are being bullied, then you can try to work it out yourself, or if they aren’t changing, then talk to someone. By saying something, you can change someone’s life.


By Kaylee Love

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  1. As part of the anime club we get a lot of harrasment for something we enjoy, it has gotten so bad in the past couple of months that we have talked about it multiple times, it always ends with someone crying. The snarky laughs whenever anime club is mentioned on the speaker, the name calling from people we don’t know, and the rare case of being shoved or having food being thrown at us. It just goes down to people not thinking about others, I am honestly terrifed to mention anything anime related in fear of being laughed at or looked down upon as some loser, and anxiety does not help. Although this is a very well made article and should be spread around, I think it should show some examples of actual victims of bullying in this school because if people see it they will believe it. But, nevertheless, this gives the great message of speaking up and letting your emotions out, something that may be hard for some.


  2. I agree. I’m not in anime club, but I get bullied for my haircut. It’s even things like that that can make someone break down in tears. One kid bullies many because of the way they look and it’s not cool. Everyone is different and the world should learn to accept that instead of making rude and snarky comment that can push someone over the edge. Bullying is not cool and we should speak up if something is going on. If it’s bullying, don’t keep it to yourself.


  3. You guys are right!! Bullying is not ok. Just be kind to others, if someone is bullying you tell a parent or a teacher or stick up for yourself. Don’t let others control you or someone else.


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