Profile: Kalei Young

Kalei Young  is one of our amazing 8th graders here on our Grizzly campus. This talented 14 year old loves to play volleyball. During her free time she likes to draw and color. When asked what she likes to draw she simply replied, “Anything.” Kalei’s favorite food is pasta which might explain why she likes the Italian restaurant Olive Garden. Since this January baby is an eighth grader, she has two electives choir and read 180, but her personal favorite is choir. She likes choir because she is able to use her unique skill of singing and harmonizing. Kalei is the oldest of five siblings and she loves to visit her cousins in Oregon. Despite Kalei liking her English class, and currently reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (her new favorite book, thanks to Mrs. Parsons), her favorite class is math. She says that she likes Mr. Ludwig’s class because, for her, it is easy. Just recently, as in one to two years, this talented teenager’s dream job has been to be an engineer when she grows up. She wants to do this because her dad was an engineer. She also said “I want to do that because I’m good at math too.” The new upbeat musical, The Greatest Showman, is Young’s current favorite movie. Kalei’s nickname is Laylay and when I asked the story behind that she thought about it and then replied, “I don’t know!” So, if you see this talented young lady around our campus, make sure to say “Hi!”

By Grace Gurr

Photo Credits : Grace Gurr


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