Careers For Kids: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Money!

Summer’s hot breath is on our doorsteps! Whether you’re looking for some pocket money, an idea for fundraising, or just a way to pass some time over the summer, a lemonade stand is the perfect option. Although it sounds childish, lemonade stands are fun to run and earn good money! Lemonade stands are fitting for creative kids, financial-sticklers, caring neighbors, or anyone who needs a little extra change.

First things first, you need a stand. If you’re planning on a long day, make sure you also have a comfy chair, sunscreen, and some sort of shade, like an umbrella attached to your table. Remember that a clean and neat stand is more appealing to customers. Along with a tidy stand, having a bright blanket or table cloth will help attract attention. Plus, you can hide a clutter of supplies underneath your table too, if your tablecloth is long enough.

I already mentioned how your stand should be neat and bright, but aside from that, anything is game! Decorations on your stand should be fun and cheerful. There are a bunch of cute ideas on the web if you’re at a loss of what to do. One idea for your decoration theme is pictures of lemons, cups, pitchers of ice-cold lemonade, or whatever reminds you of lemonade. Be sure to have at least one large, bright sign placed somewhere that people can’t ignore, such as the front of your stand. More, smaller signs can be put around your neighborhood with instructions on how to find you. You worked so hard setting up your table, make sure that your signs clearly say what you’re selling (lemonade), how much you charge, and where you are!

Most of all, make sure you have lemonade! Recipes for homemade lemonade and instant lemonade can be found all over the internet. However, do not stop your shop at selling just lemonade. You should offer a number of different products, from bottled water to bags of chips. Fresh fruit, like sliced watermelon or oranges taste great on hot days. Selling cookies, brownies or other homemade goodies can increase your profit as they are delicious treats to hungry customers.

Don’t forget to set a fair price for both you and the customer. $0.75 to $1 is the usual price for one cup of lemonade. However, not many people carry around coins anymore, so have change on hand from quarters to $10’s, along with a box or envelope to safeguard your money.

No matter how you plan to spend your summer months, it’s always more fun with a cool glass of  lemonade in one hand, and perhaps a wad of cash in the other!

By Rebecca Wood

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