Editorial: Is Disney Taking Over the World?

Disney seems to be everywhere. They can be found on shirts, hats, in amusement parks, movies, as toys, and more. But do you really know how much Disney owns?

Besides the multi-million dollar media company and their amusement parks, Disney owns the ABC Family channel and the A&E Network. They also own major shares in ESPN too. As many already know , Disney now owns Marvel and Lucasfilm. Disney also has 11 parks/resorts worldwide. Besides the 2 in the U.S. there are 9 more around the world. To some it may seem Disney is setting up “bases” all around the world so they can “take over” the world. Besides ABC Family, Disney also has control over ABC News, a major news channel. It seems that Disney their hands in nearly every aspect  of a person’s life. They own Hollywood Records and Walt Disney Records. Those companies are home to famous artists like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Zendaya and Queen. Disney also owns Times Square Studios, the producer of “Good Morning America”. Besides music and movies, Disney owns Core Publishing and Disney-Hyperion. Disney-Hyperion is home to the famous author Rick Riordan. The adult books have been sold to another company but Disney kept the children books.

Besides the countless companies Disney has acquired over the years, they have also made major leaps in technology. They made the Disney Circle, a parental control device for wifi. It gives parents the ability to shut off the internet at any time, set time limits for certain apps, and monitor what your child can see and search. Disney has also helped with the development the synthetic eyeball.

So is Disney taking over the world? They seem to be in everything and they sure are everywhere! Leave your opinion!

By Jenna Westenskow

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  1. good job Jenna! I think disney deserves to take other the world!! Disney is awesome! you did a great job representing both sides of the argument. 🙂


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