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Review: Haikyu

Haikyuu is a Japanese anime from a Shonen Jump weekly manga that has been coming out since February 2012. It’s basically volleyball in animated form. This may sound a little weird although it’s really good and after watching, it I would say it one of the best animes I’ve seen. The artwork is just beautiful, and I would rewatch it for that itself. The movements look so nice, while what is really great is how they animate the jumps and make it look a little unreal. The storytelling is mixed with flashbacks and many different elements. Sometimes it can be fast or slow, though it’s always at a good pace.

The basic premise is a high school volleyball player named Hinata, he wants his team to be the best in Japan. This could sound cliche to some people, although it works good with the other characters and makes them more likeable.

The music is what makes this anime even better. It’s something you don’t get in reading it. With epic scores composed by Yûki Hayashi and Asami Tachibana, it makes the whole story way more emotional. It will make you feel down and yet excited for the next episode. You will know something awesome is about to go down when the music starts! Haikyuu has the best flashbacks, and they aren’t overused like in Naruto or not used enough so we don’t know what has happened to the characters.

In total, Haikyuu is one of my favorite animes with great storytelling, good action, and a powerful protagonist. I would recommend this anime to anyone who wants a good anime show to watch.

By Garret Chastain

Photo Credits: Rightstufanime.com


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