Opinion: Do We Need Art in Our Lives?

Do we need art in our lives? In my humble opinion, absolutely! Demetri Martin, a comedian, stated, “Earth without art is just ‘eh’” Do we really want our world to be “eh”?

According to learning.blogs.nytimes.com, the arts supposedly increase test scores, generate social responsibility, and turn around failing schools. The arts boost creativity and without them, children would not be able to express themselves. Talking about our feelings is essential, but creativity is an alternative. Art is a way to talk about your feelings without actually saying any words aloud. It can improve our everyday lives. They can Inspire us, with their beauty, to be happy and even motivate us. Artgallery.stamford.uconn.edu says, “ It’s a natural part of us. There is a drive within all of us to create and express ourselves through art.” Without creativity, the world would lack meaning for human beings. Everything would be boring and flavorless. The arts make people unique with their special and many talents, whether it’s painting, acting, drawing, etc. Gatornews.org, a student news website, states, “ Art in any form helps relieve stress in boost creativity in our minds.”Art has always been used, ancient Egyptians used it in there hieroglyphics. Musicians, like Beethoven, used it to write and make music. Art can make us feel good about ourselves, make us feel beautiful, peaceful, and/or independent.

Therefore, we do need art in our lives. It comes to our advantage, it makes us feel good and motivates us to do good. The arts make us unique and if we lived without it we wouldn’t even have meaning. Why wouldn’t we need art in our lives?

By Lily Wittek

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