Short Story: Cool Kids

Alex is just an average 14 year old 8th grade student at Belmont Middle School in St. Paul, Minnesota. However Alex likes to hang out with who he likes to call, the “Cool Kids.” They did some bad stuff like get into fights, drink, get suspended, and do drugs. Alex was encouraged by it at the beginning of the school year. Now they’re half way through the year and today he got expelled. So when his mom picked him up she said we’re moving so he called his friends to say farewell. Later that day he got the news that he was moving to California and told his friends. On his first day at his new school he saw his friends from Minnesota. He ran up to they and greeted them with their handshake. Alex asked, “Why are you here?” His friends told him they came up with a genius plan to get expelled then they asked their parents to move to California and it paid off. A few days later Alex got suspended for a few days. Over his suspension he thought about why he even does the stuff he does and why he hangs out with the bad kids. When Alex came back, he hung out with different kids and made a lot of friends. Thank goodness because that night the other boys broke into the school and they got arrested. Alex’s mom was so proud of him and from that day on Alex never did anything bad.

By: Chase Poskey

Photo Credit: Steven Universe.Wiki.com

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