Short Story: Fredericks’ House

One day, a group of teenagers decided that they all wanted to hang out over the weekend. They were all debating on where to go until the quietest one of them all suggested to go to the Fredericks’ house. All of the teenagers then became quiet with fear. The Fredericks’ house was a house in the quiet boy’s neighborhood that was known for being haunted. A while back, the family who lived in that house all died unexpectedly after an armed robber busted into the house and shot the family while they were asleep. They say that the family’s souls still roam and live in the house. Nobody had ever been in there since the incident. With a lot of convincing, they all agreed to go in the house that night.

After a few hours, the group of teenagers were finally ready to visit the Fredericks’ house. Once they arrived at the house, they had to make a plan on how to actually get inside of the house. The door was covered in locks and caution tape. The group walked up to the door and ripped off the caution tape and picked the lock using a hotel card one of the kids had in their wallet.  The group entered the house, trembling with fear. There were ghosts flying all around the house. Nobody to this day knows what happened to that group of teenagers, but they do know that they were never seen again and nobody will ever enter the Fredericks house ever again.

By Carter Catado

Photo Credits: Youtube.com


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