Short Story: The Spy

Today is the last day before John gets out of school and goes on summer break. John is a normal eighth grader at his school he goes to a school called Alameda Middle School. He likes sports, he gets good grades and hangs out with his friends like any other normal eighth grader, but John has a secret that no one knows. He is a spy!

John has a very important mission being a spy at his age, and that is he has to catch the evil teacher that gives out all the homework to the students that are brainwashed by it. But the strange thing is that all the teachers give out homework, everyday, every hour. Even the P.E. teachers give out homework. John has no idea who the teacher is who gives out the homework.

One day, when walking into school, he saw that one of the math teachers walking into the office with a huge load of blank white paper. John thought to himself, why is he carrying all of that paper into the office? He had to know, so he followed the teacher into the office and then later snuck into the room that the math teacher went into. Right as he walked in, he witnessed the biggest thing he has seen in his life, and that was a copier. The copier was huge, dirty, smelly and was in its worst condition it could have been in. Even though it looked terrible, it printed homework in a blink of an eye. John knew he had to stop this. So he pushed the teacher out of his way and ran up to the copier. He made it up to the top and reached for the off button on it and right when he almost got it, the teacher grabbed him and pulled him down. John and the teacher fought in a battle and then John pushed him down to the ground and crushed the off button. Everything goes quiet and then the copier explodes into a million pieces. He walked out of the room and everyone surrounded the room looking at him. Then they all clapped and cheered for him because he saved the students from the evil homework.

By Zack Mumman

Photo Credits: charlesngo.com


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