Profile: Mr. Graves

IMG_5350Mr. Graves is one of our great substitute teachers at our school, Greenfield Junior High School. He has taught and substitute for over forty years now! He grew up in columbus, Ohio. He went to Arizona State University and got a degree in teaching and education. He started teaching in Pinetop, Arizona at a school called Blue Ridge. He also coached sports like baseball and basketball. His favorite part about teaching is when some is really motivated to get something done or if they are paying attention to him talking to the class. He says that when that happens, that’s why he teaches. He is also liked a lot by the way he teaches to students. It gives him a good feeling when he is appreciated. When he stopped teaching full time, he went to substituting because he wanted to still teach students but have more free time in his life and he loves to learn new things everyday and meet new people. He wants to get things done when he is teaching so he is really motivating. He tells students that they are amazing and doing well in that assignment and says hi to everyone. His favorite things to do when he isn’t substituting is weight lifting, walking and watching movies, mostly comedies. Something that a lot of people don’t know about Mr. Graves is a shy person. Even though he teaches in a lot of classes, he is shy around people who he doesn’t know. He has two sisters, one older and one younger, so he was the middle child which he says was bad, but they got along very well. His advice to students is to believe in themselves and that they can do something in this world.


By: Zack Mumman

Photo Credits: Zack Mumman


  1. I love Mr. Graves. He is so motivating and has actually helped me achieve my goals with his words and wisdom. He is an amazing person and is so inspiring.


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