Twin Telepathy: Fact or Fiction?

It is a very common belief that identical twins are able to feel each other’s emotions, pain, and know what is going on inside their heads. This belief is called “twin telepathy,” but is it real or fake? I did some research to find out, and the results may shock you.

There have been many reports of twins being able to feel each other’s pain and emotions. Take the Houghton Twins for example. 15-year-olds Gemma and Leanne Houghton made the news in March 2009 when Gemma reported that she had a very strong, unusual feeling that her sister Leanne was in trouble. Gemma felt like she should check the bathroom, so she ran there as fast as she could. When she arrived in the bathroom, Gemma found Leanne in the bathtub submerged, unconscious, and turning blue. Gemma was able to give her CPR and save her life. If Gemma had not been compelled to run to bathroom, Leanne would have drowned. This is a very good example of twins being able to know what is going on inside each other’s heads. Another great example is twin brothers Gabriel and Ethan. Ethan was in the living room with his mother, Aiya, while Gabriel was still in his bedroom. Out of nowhere, Ethan said to his mother, “mom, go help Gabriel put his pajamas on, he’s having a hard time.” Out of sheer curiosity, Aiya went into Gabriel’s bedroom, and to her surprise, she found Gabriel crying because he couldn’t  get his pajamas on! The twins were only four years old at the time.

The theory of twin telepathy sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it? Well, there may not be any scientific evidence to back it up, but after reading these accounts of alleged twin telepathy, it’s hard not to believe! So what do you think, Grizzlies? Do these crazy stories make you a believer, or do you still need more convincing?

By: Katelyn Kolstad

Photo Credit: ART + marketing

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  1. Being a twin myself, I can say that this is close to being fiction. Events like this happening is called empathy. When you can feel what other people are feeling. In these cases, the people just so happened to be twins. I can not feel my twin’s emotions. If i could have, i would have known he’d broken his arms twice. But i didn’t believe him when he told me. So, like i said, false.


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