Welcome back students!

Getting back to the swing of things can be hard sometimes, so whip up this delicious treat to reward yourself after a long day of school. A carmel apple is a tasty delicacy that can easily be made as a gift for you or your teacher. All you need is

Caramel Candies, Milk, An Apple, and A Craft or Popsicle Stick!

It takes only four easy steps:

  1. Remove the stem of the desired apple and push your craft or popsicle stick into the space. Butter a baking sheet as well.
  2. Place caramels and milk in a microwave for two minutes, stirring once. Then allow to cool briefly.
  3. Roll apple in the caramel sauce until it is covered. Place on the buttered sheet to set.
  4. EAT IT!! Enjoy the sweet and kind of healthy caramel apple!

Cheers to a sweet year students! Comment below on your favorite caramel apple topping!


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits:


  1. Also love crushed nuts which could easily be added after applying caramel. Yum. going to make very soon. Thanks for easy recipe, Avey!


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