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Welcome back Grizzlies! Or for you seventh graders out there, welcome! I hope you’ve started off this 2018-2019 school year on a good note. For this edition of the well-beloved Top Ten, I wanted to know what you kids think is the most common thing at Greenfield Jr. High. What do you see every day? What is “the norm”? Tell me, what are the basic top ten things that you think of when you hear the words “junior high”?

#10 someone humming the “Wii song”

#9 slow chromebooks

#8 yelling at your unopened lock ( when you’re positive you put in the exact combination!)

#7 bees (pausing moment as 8th graders have a flashback)

#6 wobbly desks

#5 missing a high-five in the hall

#4 a teacher mispronouncing your name

#3 staring at the clock

#2 losing your pencil

And the number one most common thing at Greenfield, at least in the students’ eyes, is…

#1 someone dropping their Hydro Flask!

Chances are, if you haven’t heard a Hydroflask get a nice dent already, you will hear one before the school day is through. Thanks to everyone who helped in this survey, you students are what make Greenfield Jr. High such an awesome place to go to school! I hope you new Grizzlies carry on our tradition of excellence this year, as we eighth graders will soon be leaving for high school, never to return to GrJHS. But who am I kidding? It’s only the beginning of the year; I can barely remember the basics!


By: Becky Wood

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  1. I can relate to number 8 on a personal level. I actually had to get my lock cut off of my locker because it wouldn’t open. For the last couple of weeks of school, I had an open and unlocked locker. RIP!


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