Over this summer, many new movies were released. One in particular was the newest Star Wars movie – Solo: A Star Wars Story. Kids all around Greenfield Junior High School are being interviewed on their opinions of the movie.

Connor Van Patten (7) says, “It was good. Had a good story. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate it a four. I think it could’ve been better if there was a better understanding of the characters. I mean, I know it was Han Solo’s backstory, but they kept introducing new characters. It was good though.” Solo was an amazing movie and had its ups and down, but was a definite “fan favorite” for Star Wars lovers everywhere.

Becky Wood (8), comments, “I liked it. I’m glad I saw it. I feel like it was kind of bittersweet because it wasn’t the original Han Solo. Out of a ten, I would say it would be a four. At least Chewbacca was in it! I honestly think they should stop making the movies.The first were good, but they should just end on a high note.”

That’s true! Solo was a great movie and was a hit. Many students have enjoyed different things about it. Solo: A Star Wars Story, was a movie that was able to give us a better understanding of the history of the beloved character, Han Solo. I think the movie could’ve been better, but everyone has their own opinion For everyone who didn’t see it, I just want to say that it was a unforgettable adventure that you are sure to love, or maybe not.


By: Avey Schulz

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